Khashab Al-Oud HERITAGE

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  • Spray Spray
100 ML
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Product Information

Created by the Orient's leading perfumes, this fragrance reveals an exclusive Mélange from our carefully selected pure old oud, lily and safron to embark you on a fragrant journey, where perfume is celebrated for its long-lasting powers.
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Top Notes

  • french-orange-flower french-orange-flower
  • Safron Safron
  • Star_Anise Star_Anise
  • Flowery Flowery

Middle Notes

  • Cedar_wood Cedar_wood
  • Woody Woody
  • Lily Lily

Base Notes

  • Agarwood Agarwood
  • Sandalwood Sandalwood
  • Pure_old_oud Pure_old_oud
  • Balsamic Balsamic
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