Dehen Oud Ateeque

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  • Unisex Unisex
  • Spray Spray
90 ML
  • 1/4 Tola = 3 ML*
  • 1/2 Tola = 6 ML*
  • 1 Tola = 12 ML*
  • 2 Tola = 24 ML*
  • 5 Tola = 60 ML*
  • 10 Tola = 120 ML*
  • * Approximately

Product Information

After years of care devotion and Conservation ASQ finally released this Fascinating and enchanting Blend composed only of Aged Agar-wood that has been trenched in authenticity creation and expertise. This Fragrance fills your soul with a touch of reminiscence and Heritage gathering the present with the traditional past in a deep and enlightening aroma.

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Top Notes

  • black-pepper black-pepper
  • Fruity Fruity
  • Flowery Flowery
  • Berries Berries

Middle Notes

  • Cedar_wood Cedar_wood
  • Woody Woody
  • Lily Lily

Base Notes

  • Agarwood Agarwood
  • Pure_old_oud Pure_old_oud
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