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  1. Al Qurashi Blend 800 Product
    Al Qurashi Blend 800 Product
    As low as QAR 200.00 Regular Price QAR 400.00


Body Oud

This special blends of Body Oud from Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi


A magical fragrance that distinguishes your sophisticated, glamorous and magnificent personality.


Discover the charming smells of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi OUD Perfumes


Oil Perfumes

Aged Royal Amber

One - of the most luxurious amber fragrances.

Oud Musk

Exquisite and rare! This combination of musk and aged oud reflects the best of Arabian perfumery.

Oud Rakoku Oil

old Indian oud oil with a luxurious fragrance, the scent will take you to the islands of Thailand where you will be diving into the depths of the sea to discover the pillars of its appeal.



A -very rare Aoud wood derived from 'Crassna' trees it takes you to the top of the imagination and dreams with its marvelous smell.


Made of hand-picked agarwood and mixed with Dehn Al Oud, this incense creates a serene ambiance that fills your home with an inviting scent.


The picture of Orient is never full without the Aoud. Abdul Samad Al Qurashi has completed this picture with the royal perfumed Aoud incense characterized by its unique aromatic breeze.

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